Look Mum! There’s something about Yoga….

When I was 17, my Mum told me that I should do Yoga.

I asked what it was exactly, but she didn’t answer me so far and, as always, she decided for me and paid a 3 months fee to the unique Yoga center in Florence.

I felt weird: the Yoga center was far from home, it took me more than half an hour to get there (Via Ricasoli, in the very centre of Florence), I was the only teenager among over 40 people, strange music and strange poses…….I gave up after the first 3 months.

My Mum was not disappointed, but happy that I explored and made my decision.

This is exactly Yoga: explore, search for the stable pose, decide each time the way to do the pose and accept what comes from the practice!

It was 30 years ago: my Mum was beyond, as she always was!

Mum, look where I am 30 years later: fallen in love with Yoga,┬ájust finished my first Teacher Training, searching for my way to teach Yoga and happy like a child when I watch this leaflet of our first Yoga room….

Thanks Mum…….even if I’m disappointed to admit that you were right…….

Urdhva Danurasana or Genovese?

I planned to do a beautiful walk, reaching Punta Basano…..yes, exactly at the end of the picture, where the sun still shines.

It’s a 45 minutes uphill walk and I promise myself that when I would have reached Punta Basano, I would have done an Urdhva Danurasana, in order to better stretch my back and be ready for the walk back.

I start walking and climbing and sweating and finally I reached Punta Basano! I was happy, but the only thing I kept in my mind was to eat my wonderful Genovese con Crema and I completely forgot my wonderful intention about the Urdhva Danurasana for my back!!!

which is the meaning of that? ;-)))))))))))))

Smile & Yoga

Have you ever tried to do the more aligned Sirsasana ever? And what about Pincha Mayurasana? You keep trying hundred times and it’s never like you would like to do it and you wonder which is the trick …

Then, it happens: your friends ask you to do one lesson in the garden. It’s hot and wet, but they come, they want to do Yoga lesson with you! You lead the lesson, they are really concentrated and do their best. At the end, after Namaste’, they all open a big smile and say thank you!

You say…..it’s incredible….they thank…….me?

Yes! It seems they are happy about your lesson………what a Joy!

……so you come back home and you do the more aligned Sirsasana and the best Pincha you have never done.

Yoga teaches that you do your best when you start to feel good with yourself! Keep breathing!