Look Mum! There’s something about Yoga….

When I was 17, my Mum told me that I should do Yoga.

I asked what it was exactly, but she didn’t answer me so far and, as always, she decided for me and paid a 3 months fee to the unique Yoga center in Florence.

I felt weird: the Yoga center was far from home, it took me more than half an hour to get there (Via Ricasoli, in the very centre of Florence), I was the only teenager among over 40 people, strange music and strange poses…….I gave up after the first 3 months.

My Mum was not disappointed, but happy that I explored and made my decision.

This is exactly Yoga: explore, search for the stable pose, decide each time the way to do the pose and accept what comes from the practice!

It was 30 years ago: my Mum was beyond, as she always was!

Mum, look where I am 30 years later: fallen in love with Yoga,┬ájust finished my first Teacher Training, searching for my way to teach Yoga and happy like a child when I watch this leaflet of our first Yoga room….

Thanks Mum…….even if I’m disappointed to admit that you were right…….

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