Smile & Yoga

Have you ever tried to do the more aligned Sirsasana ever? And what about Pincha Mayurasana? You keep trying hundred times and it’s never like you would like to do it and you wonder which is the trick …

Then, it happens: your friends ask you to do one lesson in the garden. It’s hot and wet, but they come, they want to do Yoga lesson with you! You lead the lesson, they are really concentrated and do their best. At the end, after Namaste’, they all open a big smile and say thank you!

You say…’s incredible….they thank…….me?

Yes! It seems they are happy about your lesson………what a Joy!

……so you come back home and you do the more aligned Sirsasana and the best Pincha you have never done.

Yoga teaches that you do your best when you start to feel good with yourself! Keep breathing!

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